Why Sponta?

Sponta was born because we wanted to wake up in the morning and go on an amazing adventure with our best friends that we haven’t met yet. It’s all about fun and sharing skills. Whether teaching someone to surf as a leader, being a participant learning to kiteboard or just being part of the crew on a road trip is what it’s all about.

Staying young and fit is a strong value of ours simply because we never want to stop playing. We prefer to do this without the need to do exercise just for the sake of exercise. Why not do something fun and adventurous so that the by-product is the healthy benefit. Looking good and feeling good is a result of smiles, laughter and good times.

Your adventure family is waiting.

What is Sponta?

In a nutshell, we are the adventure community. What that means is that we provide the space for like-minded people to find each other. Through fun and exciting adventures our members share unforgettable moments together which often leads to long term friendship.

Not only do we connect our members, we are a part of the community. We attend our Sponta leader’s activities and even host our own for our members to come to. We have met so many people through the fun things we get up to ourselves and want others to have the opportunity to do the same. We value strong connection through friendship and in our experience those close friends become more like family.

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